Tire Track Series

This series began when I found myself admiring the impression of tire tracks in the earth. I was enjoying the organized imprint contrasting the organic nature of the mud or snow in which it was imbedded. I decided to play with it. Using modeling paste with stones and textures on a plywood panel, I proceeded to drive over it leaving a beautiful tire track.

On another level, these tracks are a symbol of a journey made by someone passing through – maybe yesterday – maybe days before. It brings to mind that where we are now is only at this moment. The moment ends – we've moved on. What remains is the imprint. It's a symbol of our own journey over the landscape.

  • Journey Into Light


  • Evening Earth

    2'X4' - Acrylic on canvas

  • Journey by the Pond

    2'X4' - Acrylic on canvas

  • Journey Through Winter

    2'X4' - Acrylic on canvas

  • Off the Road

    2'X4' - Acrylic on canvas

  • Yesterday’s Journey

    4'X2' - Acrylic on canvas